Please expect an email right away with our patient assessment form to complete, (The form takes about ten minutes to fill out) once it is completed, we will Call you within 48 hours to schedule a nurse practitioner appointment based upon our schedule availability (usually within a week) from either the comfort of your own home (Ontario residents only) or at our first walk in location located downtown Orillia. Thanks again

Acceptable Supporting Medical Documents (We will only require 1 of the following)

  • 6 Month prescription history (Obtained from your pharmacy)
  • Patient Profile (Obtained from your family physician’s reception)
  • Letter of Diagnoses (Obtained from doctor or naturopath’s reception)
  • Any Hospital Records from within the last 5 years; MRI, Procedure Report, Patient History (Obtained from medical records department)
  • Physciatric Assessment Reports (Obtained from psychiatrist reception after assessment)
  • Chiropractic Report (Obtained from chiropractor’s reception)


  • Recipients of Ontario Disability Support Program and Veterans Affairs coverage, qualify to receive a free dried flower medical vaporizer valued at over $300.00!
  • Patients with an individual annual income below $29,000 qualify for 20% compassionate pricing off all medical marijuana products
  • Confirmed appointments must be canceled 24 hours prior to appointment time or a $35.00 “Missed Appointment Fee” will be applied to your account.

Be sure to inquire with one of our representatives today!

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