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Established in 2021, Avail Veteran Foundation was set up to reduce the financial barriers to accessing medical cannabis for military veterans who does not qualify for coverage which can be a potentially life-changing treatment for thousands of individuals who have made health sacrifices for our country.

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Applying for help

Grant applications can be made before a full clinical assessment of a patient. Our grants support the financial costs of a prescription for cannabis-based medicinal products for one full year.

In order to treat all of our applicants fairly, those who qualify for urgent assistance will undergo an eligibility assessment from our practitioner. At the end of one year, patients will be asked to reapply and their case will be reconsidered with all other applications at the time of re-application. We welcome applications for grants from all patients using our grant application form during designated grant making periods.

We recognise that the financial costs of cannabis medications can restrict access to potentially a life-changing treatment. For those Veterans in most need this can sometimes result in making difficult decisions between their physical/mental wellbeing and other financial or social responsibilities.

In addition to the financial support provided, we work with grant recipients to help reduce the reliance on no profit support to continue a prescription for a cannabis medication. This benefits grant recipients and their families directly and increases the number of people we can help.

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We are always looking for people to volunteer to help fundraise for Avail Veteran Foundation. If you are interested in helping raise money for our cause, please email us at hello@availcannabis.ca


Your help today could change a Veteran’s life tomorrow. Click here to donate and help a Veteran get their life back through the benefits of medical cannabis.

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