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Sign up for a Medical Cannabis Prescription in 4 easy steps:

  1. Complete the Patient Assessment form
  2. Schedule a Doctor Appointment (you will receive an email with available times to choose from after you will out the Patient Assessment Form)
  3. Receive product recommendations and dosing instructions from Avail
  4. Have Medical Cannabis shipped right to your door

Qualify Today for the Cannabis Clinic

Our medical team has over 25 years of combined traditional and marijuana based prescription experience and we are here to be your road map to Canada’s medical marijuana program.

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Lets see if medical cannabis could be a new tool in your toolbox!


Have you previously been prescribed medical cannabis and want to switch over to us because of the many services that make us awesome?

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Helping you Navigate Insurance Coverage for Medical Cannabis

Our medical team specializes in completing insurance documentation for motor vehicle accident victims.


You served us , let us serve you

Avail Cannabis Clinics is proud to offer support services to our heroes which include but are not limited to:

  1. Prescription coverage qualification review
  2. Vaporizer qualification review
  3. Exclusive travel packs

If you are currently inactive and have a K number via blue cross then are eligible to receive coverage of up to 3 grams per day and $300.00 towards a vaporizer every 3 years.

Ontario Disability Support Program

All ODSP recipients are eligible for a $300.00 vaporizer every 3 years. Just ask us how!


How do I know if I qualify

Take our self assessment

Do you charge for prescriptions?

No , all of our services are 100% covered.

Do you require a referral or can you self refer?

Clients may self refer with a 6 month prescription history faxed to


A referral is only required for clients under the age of 18
Do you offer online appointments for clients who cannot make it to the clinic?

Yes we offer online appointments for clients from Coast to Coast

Can I register with more than 1 licensed producer?

Yes you may register with 2 licensed producers if you wish.

How long is the wait time?

We are currently registering clients within the same week of receiving the completed application.

Do Health Canada producers offer discounts?

Yes , our preferred Licensed Producers offer discounts for clients making less then $29,000 annually.

Can I use this prescription and buy from another source?

No the only legal providers of medical cannabis are Health Canada regulated Licensed producers.

Do you offer grow licenses?

Yes, we offer cultivation permits to serve every type of patient, from 10 plants to 100’s of plants, ask us today.

Please give us a call at 1 888 492 8245 to inquire.
Do you have wheelchair access?

Yes all of our clinics are 100% wheelchair accessible.

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