Dried Herb vaporizers

Vaporizers heat cannabis at the perfect temperature to allow extraction of the medically active compounds without reaching the point of combustion. This process does not involve the same carcinagens and toxins that are found in traditional smoke and is a much better option for your respiratory system.

The devices that we carry are in most cases individual units for adding your dried medical cannabis to. Vaporizers for dried cannabis will come in two format options. Each product is labelled one or the other so you know which type you are receiving.

Conduction - The heat source comes into DIRECT contact with the plant. Remember the D in conduction can be related to the D in DIRECT (most portable vaporizers are Conduction)

Convection - Similar to a convection oven , the heat is passed around the plant in a consistent and even manner. Allowing more consistency when vaporizing cannabis. ( most table top vaporizers are convectional)

Dual convection and conduction- This function uses both convection and conduction.