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Nectar Collector Extract Vaporizer Straw

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VAPE TYPE=  (Conduction)

Nectar Collector is synonymous with the Honeybird, because it’s the core of our flock – a 2.5” borosilicate glass, spill proof bubbler that offers unparalleled ease of use and portability in the realm of concentrate dab rigs. To deliver the complete experience, we’ve created a kit that empowers you to blow water-cooled, clean, and tasty clouds from a pocket sized portable electric vaporizer.

The shape of the mouthpiece allows for greater volume, meaning more water to cool your dabs with, while the spill guard makes sure you never have to worry about leakage. The Quartz Stinger Tip lets you torch up the smoothest, cleanest vapor possible. 

This unit also comes with a 510 cartridge battery and pod holder.